Roulette is over 200 years old, and has had small changes over that time. First thing to remember there is a big difference between Roulette wheels.

One has a "single zero" European Wheel, this is the one that has only a 2.70% house advantage, meaning the house (casino) has 2.70 in it's favour, so on every $100.00 placed on the table, it has the overall advantage of only returning $97.30 on spin, this is of course over the night.

The other roulette wheel has a 5.30% house advantage to the casino, this is called the American wheel, and it has two ZERO's.

Avoid the Double Zero wheels, some have different rules on even bets, with the double zero wheels, but in my experience, it is best to avoid these tables.

If you play roulette over an extended sitting you will lose, fullstop! The house advantage keeps building against you, so don't push it.

Play in only short busts and to the plan of the software.

So, can you make millions with the softwares we have?


Can you win small amounts in short intervals?


We make no promises of wealth using the softwares, however they will increase your chances of winning, rather that blindly betting birthday numbers etc.

The Software

Here is a video of the software working.

Video Runs for 6 minutes. 

Our Roulette Pro System, is a recorder and predictor tool.

How the software does it's job.

For the first four spins of a game you only record, by simply clicking on the number on the software as it successful for the spin.

You are visiting one of the many online games like at William Hill, etc. And you will only watch the first four spins without betting you are only recording the results of first 4 spins.

So for example is the first game "25" comes up you simply click on 25 on the software and hit Spin, and the next game produces 36, you click 36 on the software. Hit Spin, and then record the next number the wheel comes up with say 17, click on "17" and hit spin and the fourth game brings up say 2 you click on the software "2"

The software after the four spins will now look like this.

If you look to right hand side you will see, the last four spins, 25,36,17, and 2.

From that sequence, the software has predicted the next pattern of the next 5 spins.

So time to place the first bets (see red box) we bet "RED", "ODDS" and HIGH (19-39), so three bets.

This is spin 5 since we logged into the game. Once we have have the fifth spin, we assess our Profit or Loss on these three bets. Only you can be the judge on what you want. Thing is we advise only play the five bets, and it is prefered to stop a soon as you have a profit!.

Software looks like this now.

So if we are proceeding our next lot of bets are, "RED", "ODDS" and "HIGH". After the spin check the profit? Continue or take the Profit and finish.

Repeat until you are happy with the profit, or the 5 sequences have been bet.

Not everytime will you get the whole 3, ODDs, RED/BLACK, HIGH/LOW to play as you can see in the shot below.


You can see the software is only recommending you play the ODD/EVEN option for the next 5 spins.


With the software you will get several different staking plans that you may choose to use.


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